Our e-commerce services are tailored to every aspect of ensuring the success of your digital business. From the smallest idea to a seamless global B2B and B2C omni-channel solution, we always strive to be the partner you can rely on because we take pride in being a part of your story.

1. Digital activation

E-commerce Strategy

Strategy Comes First, Planning and Tactics Follow. We Can Assist You in Aligning Your Organization Around a Common Roadmap and Strategy to Achieve Your Business Goals.

E-commerce Analysis

Understanding Your Data is Key to E-commerce Success. Collect and Analyze Customer Data, Report on Your Results, and Visualize Your Progress.

2.Customer Experience

Optimization of Customer Experience

Satisfied customers fuel growth. Let us assist you in optimizing the customer experience (CX) – to boost your revenues, acquire new customers, and increase customer retention.

E-commerce Analysis

Your e-commerce design is a crucial aspect of the user experience. Get a website designed with conversions in mind – to help you achieve your growth goals.

3. Solution Development

E-commerce Development

A Solution Development Partner to Help Grow Your E-commerce Business.

CMS Development

Implement a Content Management System to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge.

Product Information Management

Manage, Control, and Distribute Your Product Information to Create Compelling Product Experiences for Your Customers.

4. Managed E-commerce Services

E-commerce Security

Obtain the Digital Security You Need to Protect Your Customers and E-commerce Business from Cyber Threats.

Service Level Management

Maintaining high service levels is crucial for business performance. Vaimo can assist you in managing SLAs to ensure optimal digital experiences for your customers.

DevOps Cloud Solutions

Speed and agility are crucial in e-commerce. DevOps and Cloud will help you collaborate more effectively, build better products, and deploy them faster.

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