The TOS includes the terms below, the price conditions of the ordered product at Moo Gruppen AS, information provided by the user via the order form and the data processing agreement that is part of the agreement that these terms constitute, see section 8 below. This constitutes the agreement entered into between Moo Gruppen AS and the legal director (hereinafter referred to as the User) in accordance with the order form (referred to as the «Agreement» below). If the agreement is entered into on behalf of a legal person (as a limited liability company), the User assumes that it has the authority to bind the legal person at the conclusion of the agreement.

The agreement is concluded when the user has submitted the correct order form and received confirmation that Moo Gruppen AS has received this form. Moo Gruppen AS reserves the right to reject any order at its sole discretion.

So the team at MooCommerce would recommend you have assistance with support, and maintenance as soon as possible to ward off other impediments in the future.


In connection with the registration via the order form provided, we will store your data electronically. Our customer register is confidential and we do not disclose information about customers to others.

The agreement is concluded when the user has submitted the correct order form and received confirmation that Moo Gruppen AS has received this form. Moo Gruppen AS reserves the right to reject any order at its sole discretion.

So the team at MooCommerce would recommend you have assistance with support, and maintenance as soon as possible to ward off other impediments in the future.


  • The User must inform Moo Gruppen AS in writing or by e-mail of any address changes, organizational changes and other things relevant to the customer relationship.
  • The User understands and agrees that use of the Service is done at his own risk.
  • Moo Gruppen AS is not responsible for any errors, destruction or data loss arising on the User’s computer system using Moo Commerce including solutions, code, etc. in Moo Commerce.
  • User understands and agrees that Moo Gruppen AS, its employees, owners and affiliated companies are not liable for any legal or financial liability for any legal pursuits the User may be subjected to through improper or unlawful use of the Service.
  • Under no circumstances can user resell or modify the codes provided with the Moo Commerce solution. These belong to Moo Gruppen AS and not the end customer.
  • Moo Gruppen AS is only responsible for what is within Moo Gruppen AS’ control and is therefore not responsible for downtime and other problems your/our server provider may have.
  • The User understands and agrees that Moo Gruppen AS is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from the service being interrupted or otherwise destroyed.
  • The User agrees to comply with the applicable Ethical Guidelines at any given time, as set out by Moo Gruppen AS.
  • As a security measure, Moo Group requests that you do not provide login credentials to any third party; create passwords consisting of a sentence with characters and symbols, update the password periodically; do not download and add plugins and extensions on your own; do not update solutions on your own; contact support if errors or omissions occur and do not try to resolve it on your own.
  • If the Customer has managed to create errors or defects in products or solutions developed by Moo Gruppen AS, the Customer shall contact support as soon as possible. We will help you correct the error at your own expense in accordance with the applicable prices provided.
  • Errors and defects should be notified immediately. Moo Gruppen AS has routines and monitoring to identify errors and deficiencies. Should errors and omissions occur due to gross negligence or intent on the part of Moo Group, we reserve the right to correct the error for a period of at least twenty (20) days. As a customer, you cannot under any circumstances claim compensation for any downtime, suspension or closure. This must be expected during the error correction time.
  • The customer is solely responsible for backing up content on its own pages, unless a separate agreement has been entered into with Moo Group. Moo Group is under no circumstances responsible for the customer’s data loss. It is strongly recommended that the Customer regularly backs up all uploaded material.


Moo Group may conduct a credit assessment of the customer by obtaining information from public sources and/or credit information agencies. Moo Group has the right to reject an order based on an assessment of the customer’s credit information. Moo Gruppen also has the right to cancel an order that has already been initiated, if the customer is not creditable in the opinion of the Moo Group.


There is no right of withdrawal when purchasing an online store through Moo Gruppen AS, since such purchases are not made as a consumer. After the process of producing an online store that includes special designs and special arrangements of the website, costs and use of resources will be incurred for Moo Gruppen AS, for which The Orderr is responsible.


All prices are stated excl. VAT, unless otherwise expressly stated. Prices are adjusted regularly and we therefore reserve the right to change prices as a result of changes in prices from our suppliers, changes in the market, legislation or changes in functionality. Moo Gruppen AS, is obliged well in advance of the next due date to make the User aware of any price changes.

If you have limits on how many orders you can receive per month and exceed these, you will automatically be upgraded to a new product kit.

We reserve the right to deviate from the stated delivery time without further notice.

All prices are stated excluding VAT and are invoiced in advance every 12 months with a 10-day payment deadline. The first invoice will be received as soon as possible after the start mail is received. The minimum license period is 12 months from the invoice date. The customer cannot downgrade the product package during the binding period.

When paying after the payment deadline, an invoice fee will be charged, which is currently NOK. 75. In case of late payment, the customer will be charged a reminder fee after another 10 


days. After one reminder, the case will be sent to debt collection unless payment is registered within 14 new days, where costs for debt collection will be charged to the User. When transferring to debt collection, the service provided by Moo Gruppen AS will be closed.


Moo Gruppen AS will make available various integrations that can be chosen to be used in the online store, see overview here. These integrations may have different conditions attached to them and must be accepted when linking the integrations. The integrations work as Moo Gruppen AS has set it up, because the need for special integrations applies to current hourly rates.

  • Moo Group has no control over the content of third-party websites that may be an affiliate. Moo Group does not warrant, endorse or assume responsibility for such websites, their content or their privacy practices. Moo Group is not responsible for and expressly disclaims any liability relating to any loss or damage caused by the use or reliance on any content, features, goods or services made available through such websites. Moo Group will not be party to or in any way monitor transactions entered into by customer in connection with other websites provided by third parties.
  • We place high demands on hosting and ask that we arrange hosting for your solution provided by us. Please contact your customer advisor if you have any questions.
  • If the product Moo Gruppen has delivered to the customer uses third-party solutions, the customer is made aware that such solutions must be constantly maintained or upgraded. Working on solutions that are no longer compatible is considered additional work and is billed accordingly.
  • Moo Gruppen reserves the right to withdraw third-party solutions as well as solutions developed by the Moo Group that do not work optimally in the infrastructure of the project. In these cases, the customer will be offered an alternative solution, or any refund for the expenses used for purchasing said solution. The costs of such work will be invoiced to the customer as additional work.


Moo Gruppen AS will be temporarily closed until the matter is rectified. If the relationship has not been corrected within a reasonable time and upon notice from Moo Gruppen AS, the online store and account at Moo Gruppen AS will be permanently closed. If you wish to reopen a closed store, an opening fee will be incurred which is currently NOK 1 000.

Moo Group determines that the use of the Client or any user of the Services poses a material security risk to the Moo Group or a third party; may have a material negative impact on the services or systems or data of any other client;  or may subject the Moo Group, its affiliates or any third party to material liability.

  1. Moo Group has reasonable grounds to suspect that the client and/or any of its users are using the Services for false, illegal or unauthorized purposes.
  2. The Customer commits a material breach of any contract period, and such breach is not able to remedy, or, if it is able to remedy, is not rectified within a period of thirty (30) days after it was notified in writing; or an insolvency event by the client occurs, or the client ceases or threatens to cease to perpetuate all or substantial part of his business.


Users may terminate use of the Service at least 14– fortnightly prior to the expiry of the license period at any time. After this, a new period will apply (applies to pre-invoiced license price).

Termination of web services shall be communicated to us in writing by e-mail. Moo Gruppen AS will not be liable to third parties if the service is terminated.

Upon termination of the service – for any reason – Moo Gruppen AS will retain data from the online store and in connection with the account established with Moo Gruppen AS for up to one month. If data is to be transferred from the service, Moo Gruppen AS must be contacted. The transfer of data from the service assumes that all outstanding amounts have been paid to Moo Gruppen AS, and that Moo Gruppen AS receives compensation for the work on transferring data. Moo Gruppen AS may require that compensation for the transfer of data is paid in advance or that security is provided for Moo Gruppen AS’s remuneration before the work commences.


Moo Gruppen AS is the data processor for the personal data entered into the service from Moo Gruppen AS Processing of personal data that Moo Gruppen AS does on behalf of the User as data controller, is regulated by the data processing agreement between Moo Gruppen AS and the User, and which is accepted upon acceptance of these terms. The terms of the data processing agreement follow as an appendix to the agreement below.


In the event of a dispute between the customer and Moo Gruppen AS regarding this agreement, the parties shall seek the matter resolved by negotiation. If such persons do not come forward, this shall be brought before the ordinary courts with Østfold District Court as an exclusive venue.

12. Changes to the TOS

Moo Group reserves the right to make changes to these Terms at any time by publishing a revised version of these Terms on the Website. The revised version of the Terms of Use will take effect from the time it was first published. Customers will be subject to the Terms of Use applicable at the time Customer uses the Services. Customer’s continued use of the Services indicates that it accepts such updates and changes. The Customer is advised to check the Terms of Service from time to time for updates or changes that may affect the Customer. Moo Group last modified these Terms of Use on the date stated at the beginning of these Terms of Use.


If you have any questions, please contact oss:[email protected]